Ride the wave that’s rolling across the country to drink more water and fewer sweetened beverages. Drinking more water is one of the easiest and best steps kids and adults can make to improve health and feel great. It keeps every system in the body functioning at its best and is key to weight management.

Unfortunately, sugar-sweetened beverages have become the largest single source of empty calories in the American diet. Not so long ago Americans drank water, milk and an occasional 8-ounce soda. The sweetened beverage industry skyrocketed and now we are chugging an amazing array of sodas, coffees, sweet teas and energy, sports and juice drinks. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a super-sized, high cal drink. This comes at a high price to our waistlines, health, wallets and environment.

Sweetened beverages pour on the pounds. As nutrition spokesperson, Michael Jacobson, puts it, “Quite simply, there is no other food or beverage in the American diet that promotes weight gain and obesity to the extent that soft drinks do.”

Dental decay and osteoporosis are also on the rise due, in part, to our sweetened beverage habits.   Sleep deprivation is alarmingly common and caffeinated drinks play a role. And it’s not just the unhealthy ingredients these drinks add to our diets, it’s also what they take away. Sweet drinks displace water, milk and fruit. This is bad news for children who are growing and need the best nutrition. The average American household spends $850 a year on sugary beverages and our landfills are overflowing with the containers.

Drinks that should only be consumed in moderation have become staples of the American diet.   Use the tools on this site to educate and inspire yourself, your family and your community to put Water First..