The Top 10 Reasons to Cut Back on Soda

  1. Soft drinks intake is strongly linked to weight gain.
  2. Too much caffeine can make adults and children wound up and irritable.
  3. The acids in soda erode tooth enamel.
  4. The sugars in soda cause dental caries.
  5. The phosphorus in soft drinks weakens bones.
  6. Soda are empty calories—lots of calories with nothing good for you.
  7. Sodas displace the good food we need. Kids who drink lots of soda drink less milk and water.
  8. When we drink soft drinks we usually don’t cut back on calories later in the day to make up for the extra calories.
  9. The more you drink sodas, the more you want them.
  10. The cost of soft drinks add up. Multiply how much you spend on sodas each day by   $365. You may be surprised by how much you’re spending.