Tweens Nutrition & Fitness Coalition

The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition (TNFC) is a group of over 30 community members working together to create healthy food and physical activity environments for Lexington tweens. The coalition chose tweens—9-13 year olds– as the priority audience based on their important developmental phase and the limited community services available to them. The TNFC was formed in 2003 with support from the Lexington Fayette County Health Department, the Kentucky Department for Public Health and the Florida Prevention Research Center.

Why do we do this work? Because Kentucky has the 7th highest rate of childhood obesity in the nation. Thirty eight percent of Lexington youth are considered overweight or obese. Increasing access to healthy food and fun opportunities to be active are key to helping children develop healthy habits. The childhood obesity epidemic undermines the physical and emotional well being of our children, as well as their life expectancy. We believe that kids deserve better.

Mission Statement: The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition is dedicated to making healthy eating and physical activity popular and accessible to Lexington tweens in their homes, schools and communities.

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