The Top 10 Ways to Help Kids Cut Back on Sweetened Drinks

  1. Order water at restaurants. Ask for lemon and lots if ice.
  2. If you order soft drinks at restaurants, don’t get refills. You can easily add 300 calories with one refill of a large drink.
  3. Come up with a limit you’re comfortable with and stick to it. Some families say “one sweet drink a day”, others say “one a week” other say “on special occasions only”. Little known secret: kids actually like limits (at some level!). It makes them feel safe to know that someone is looking out for them.
  4. Role model drinking water often and sweet drinks only occasionally.
  5. Don’t bring a lot of sweet drinks in the house. Kids will drink what’s in front of them.
  6. Don’t put sweet drinks in the most visible place in the refrigerator. Keep them in the back.
  7. If you buy sodas, don’t keep lots of them in the refrigerator. That just encourages your family to drink them more often.
  8. Surround your kids with water. Fill the refrigerator with pitchers of water. Fill up water bottles when you go out.
  9. Serve water at dinner.
  10. Put a pitcher of water out on the table for meals.