Play Like a Pro

Drinking water can help you play like a pro. The human body is meant to drink water.   In fact, about 60% of the body’s weight is water. If you don’t drink enough H20 you get “dehydrated” (out of water). Your body and brain won’t work at their best and you won’t play as well. If you’ve every been dehydrated you know what I’m talking about. It can make you feel like a limp dish rag, headachy and confused.

Some coaches tell the players not to drink sodas for at least 24 hours before a practice or game because soft drinks are dehydrating.

According to a sports nutritionist for Olympic athletes, Julie Upton, “Good athletes believe that if they put junk in, they get junk out. They drink plenty of water. Most eat diets that are rich in carbohydrates and have smaller amounts of protein and fat. They eat a lot of fresh fruit, salads, and whole grains, and they pair protein with carbohydrates whenever possible.”

If you want to play like a pro, drink like a pro:

  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated. Notice when you’re thirsty and quench your thirst with water.
  • Drink water before, during and after you play.
  • Use sport drinks if you exercise for over an hour to replace minerals lost through sweat.
  • Eat and drink healthy stuff on a regular basis: water, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, beans, low fat dairy foods and meat.