Selling Soda

They want your money. It’s plain and simple. Companies want your money and they’ll do what it takes to get it. There are thousands of sugary drinks—soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, tea drinks, sports drinks, coffee drinks. Some are created just for kids, others are designed for moms, others are made with dads in mind. They’ll use bald body builders, hip-hop dogs and baby polar bears to convince you that their drink is the drink for you.

Sugary drinks cost just a few cents to make—they’re just water, sweetener, color, flavor, caffeine and preservatives. But they spend billions of dollars advertising them so you will want them and want them bad. Watch the ads, look at the bottles, the names, the colors and know that they are all designed to make you buy them, even though they’re overpriced and if you drink too many of them it’s bad for your health.

So be smart. Think before you drink. Don’t go crazy on sugary drinks. Save your money and your health and put water first.