You Do the Math

Some people are surprised to find out how many calories they’re drinking. Here’s a typical drink intake for one family in a day.


McDonalds McCafe Nonfat Mocha/Large       330 calories

Coca Cola /20 ounces                                                    243 calories

Sweetened Iced Tea / 16 ounces                             200 calories

                                                                                                      773 calories

 This is a boatload of calories to consume in liquid form. Most women need about 2000 calories a day. Drinking 773 calories of empty calories takes up almost 40% of the recommended calories. People usually don’t cut back on food when they drink sweetened drinks so this mom probably took in more calories than she needs in a day. Doing this on a regular basis leads to weight gain.



Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Coolata with Cream/ Large       420 calories

2 Bottles of Mountain Dew / 20 ounces @                             550 calories

                                                                                                                            970 calories

 Most men need about 2200 calories a day. If this man cut the calories he drank in half and kept his diet and activity the same, he could potentially lose 10 pounds in 6 months.


10 year old boy

Kool-Aid / 12 ounces                                             90 calories

Gatorade / 20 ounces                                           125 calories

Grape Soda / 16 ounces                                       250 calories

                                                                                             465 calories

 A sedentary 10-year old boy needs about 1800 calories a day. 465 calories is about ¼ of the calories a growing boy needs. He will miss out on the good nutrition he needs if he drinks this much sugar water on a regular basis.


13 year old girl

Kiwi Strawberry Juice Drink /16 ounces                  220 calories  

Sprite / 16 ounces                                                                    200 calories

                                                                                                             420 calories

Moderately active 13 year old girls need about 1800 calories. Drinking this much sugary stuff displaces healthier foods with calcium, iron and protein that girls this age need to be healthy.